ChuckI’m Chuck Ros, husband of Lori, dad of Darrah and Catie.  I’m a technologist (software and IT), business strategist, and serial entrepreneur (recently completed my 3rd successful exit).  I live in Alpharetta, Georgia (north end of Atlanta).  My wife is a member of the most honorable profession: she’s an educator, and she truly impacts all of our futures.  I just help companies improve their processes with technology.  My son Darrah is a programmer, and my daughter Catie is a senior in college (and rounds out her schedule by working at The Disney Store).

Since selling my 3rd company (Emerald Software) in 2011, I’ve been enjoying some free time, I’ve been doing some startup advisory work, and I’ve been doing some consulting.  I’ve also been sharpening some personal interests I’ve had for years, namely in strategic workforce planning and lean six sigma (yes, these things truly interest me!)  I’ve also been reviewing the current lay of the land in some areas I’ve long worked in, particularly workforce analytics, business process management (BPM), and business intelligence in general.  I truly love solving business problems and helping companies improve processes leading to efficiency gains and business growth.

When I’m not working, I’m traveling (Europe, ski trips, and–maybe one day again–scuba diving), reading (everything from business books to fiction, biographies to humor), writing (at least trying), enjoying a movie in my home theater, learning to dance, taking the neurotic dog for a walk in the park, brewing up some cider or ale, or wishing I had a little remaining time to learn how to play the cello.

What do I blog about?  Mostly business stuff from the HR and software industry, but also topics in education, travel, diet and weight loss (80 pounds since January 1st, 2012, and keeping it off), and whatever else comes to mind.  Look me up on LinkedIn or Twittter.

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