You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat! Recruiting

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This line – made famous in the iconic film “Jaws” – came to mind when I read a recent article in the January 2014 issue of HR Magazine titled “More Americans Quitting Jobs.” I believe it signals good news. Editor Theresa Minton-Eversole indicates the number of Americans making the decision to voluntarily leave their employers is growing. She cites a report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reveals resignations are rapidly on the rise from a recession low of 1,601,000 workers in September 2009 to a high of 2,247,000 by the end of 3rd QTR 2013. Moreover, the report specifies that 54% of all job separations in August 2013 were the result of individuals willingly quitting their jobs – an 11% climb from just a year before.

WHY is this good news? The answer is clear. Not only is the job market improving (thanks partly to newly opened positions due to those resignations), but job seeker confidence is obviously increasing. So, if your company has been effective in caring for and rewarding your top performers, you have less to worry about. Your key talent will be less likely to jump ship anytime soon and your reputation as an excellent employer will remain intact. As well, if you’re active in the marketplace and seeking to grow your team, you can be well-positioned to woo higher quality talent. However, if your company has been living perhaps too lean to do more with less during the recent (and extended) economic downturn, this topic should give you pause. It’s vital to not only hold onto the talent you have, but market yourself well in order to lure the best fish in the future.

How to Fish Where the Fish are Biting

It’s not difficult to find people looking for a job. However, the most savvy companies fish in the best fishing holes – pools where people haven’t given up and have a bright outlook for the future. Those hidden prospects may be seeking new challenges, but must be lured away from their current employer. Your company must have a significant career growth challenge to offer them and a unique story to tell. A good retained search firm can not only help you find the top available talent – hidden away behind the door of their current corporate office, but we can also help you communicate your story and put them on the hook for you to haul in.

The bigger risk is in pulling in the wrong fish. So many “schools” of unemployed are doing all they can to be trained to land a job, potentially foregoing a rather important quality – being a good fit for the job your company requires to be performed. With training to win the job vs. actual ability to do the job more prevalent than ever, it is an absolute that you have a search firm fishing for you, to improve your chances of catching the prize-winning fish and not the one you need to throw back. Additionally, if you’ve been playing it safe in recent months or even years by holding down costs – particularly those impacting talent acquisition and retention strategies, your company may be a little rusty in the hiring department.

Let’s Go Fishing! Best Wishes ~ Dave Brown Partner DF Brown &Associates

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