How dynamic our travel wishlist is! We spent last week in the Bahamas, so while most Americans were enjoying turkey and all the fixings for Thanksgiving, I had conch fritters and Kalik beer. This has to be one of my all-time cuisine favorites 🙂

But while we were sunning on the beach and sipping frozen roosters (vodka+cranberry juice+orange juice) or coconut rum and pineapple juice (oh, so many choices) we started thinking about future vacations. You see, it’s not unusual for us to start planning vacations two or even three in advance while we’re on vacation! Anyway, no definite plans made yet but we have a new entrant to our wishlists. As this is not a specific destination and more of a “the concept is the point” I should add it to my first wishlist blog, but as I’ve been delinquent in my blogging (forgive me for being slow on my vacation blogging as I was on vacation) I figured I’d just throw this one out as a “supplement”.

This just in! Chuck and Lori would like to…take a sailing cruise!

Perhaps inspired by the cruise ships gliding by our remote island last week, and reminiscing over our own great cruise experience way back in 2005, we decided it would be interesting to try a small “barefoot” sailing cruise. The big name in small sailing cruises used to be Windjammer, and sitting out on the beach we wondered if they were still around. Alas, but a quick Google reveals they are no more, but we did find a few interesting alternatives.

Island Windjammers – As the story goes, a few hardcore Windjammers cruisers with some cash on hand were so distraught at the Windjammers company going keel-up they started up their own sailing line with similar boats on their favorite Windjammer routes.

Star Clippers – not exactly “small” sailing ships, they bill one of their three vessels as the largest fully rigged sailing ship in the world. Carrying 200+ passengers and offering transatlantic crossings, this doesn’t exactly meet our description of a small sailing cruise, but their ships are absolutely beautiful.

Arabella – Another entrant with a couple of smallish ships, but with great references and perhaps a good compromise of size, itineraries, and price.

Now, I’ll try to stay focused and blog soon about our European vacation wishlist!