Where Does Corporate Development Fit Into the Organization?

In the same research I did in the last couple of weeks to pin down the job description for a VP of Corporate Development, I also took note of who VPCD’s report to.  In other words, where does Corporate Development fit into the organization?  Unfortunately my small sample of a couple of dozen job postings isn’t a great statistical sample, but perhaps it does give us a clue into where the discipline is most often placed from the perspective of who a VP of Corporate Development reports to.  Hindering good analysis was the fact that more than half of the postings I looked over didn’t mention who the position reported to.  Regardless of the quality of the sample, here’s what I noted:

  • President/CEO {6}
  • Chief Financial Officer {2}
  • Senior VP of strategy {1}
  • Executive/Senior VP of undisclosed specificity {1}

Keep in mind I was looking at VPs of Corporate Development, not staff corp dev people, managers, or directors; there were dozens of these and they usually reported to a more senior corp dev manager or executive.  If you’re a VPCD, or work with/for one, let me know how the reporting structure looks in your organization.

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