A VP of Corporate Development Position Description

When I was first challenged with taking on the role of VP of Corporate Development, my CEO told me he wanted me thinking about long term business strategy.  There were a few specific projects and analyses mentioned, but it was clear my job was to think “outside of the box” of our current means of conducting business.  I was also tasked with writing my job description, which is a real privilege when you think about it: to be able to define my own position, taking advantages of my skills and strengths so I can best contribute to our mission.

I turned to all the standard places to find a predefined job description for the VP of Corporate Development but couldn’t find anything.  Alternatively I Googled the title and found dozens of job postings on individual sites, of which I reviewed 20 or so and made notes on the responsibilities I came across.  I’ve distilled my notes into the position description below, which I think will be great fodder for blogs in the coming weeks as I settle into this role.  A few other things I came across of interest–like who VPs of Corporate Development (let’s call them VPCD’s) report to and what sort of companies are hiring VPCD’s–I’ll also blog about in due time.

A note on the job description below: the numbers in { } are the number of times I came across that responsibility, in one turn of phrase or another.  I’m presenting the description in decreasing order of this number, assuming my sampling is a good reflection of what the market expects of VPCD’s.

  1. Develop strategic business plan and roadmaps for inorganic growth. {11}  Thinking of how to grow a company inorganically is likely to fill my waking moments and dreams very soon…and will be the topic of many blogs I suspect.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions, including setting objectives {7}, sourcing {4}, funding {2}, negotiation {4}, and post-deal integration {4}
  3. Oranization and management of due diligence projects (not necessarily all related to M&A activity) {7}
  4. Partner management, including alliances, joint ventures, and distribution partnerships {7}
  5. Revenue modeling and financial risk analysis of business opportunities {4}
  6. Development and monitoring of business performance metrics {3}
  7. Analyzing trends, including competitive {3}, market {2}, and regulatory/compliance {1}
  8. Optimize the company’s use of resources to achieve profitability, particularly reorganizations {2}
  9. Coordinate new market development, including new verticals and geographic expansion (particularly international) {2}

While this job description works for me and my CEO, I imagine there are other responsibilities that could be added; if so, comment to let me know and we’ll add them to the list.


One thought on “A VP of Corporate Development Position Description

  1. I think a huge part of the role involves regular evaluation and monitoring of the existing businesses, the sectors and markets such businesses operate into. This may also involve sectoral and economic research which a VPCD can be supported by other teams or by an outsourced consultant.

    The above is what primarily feeds into developing future business strategies to materialize the defined objectives.

    The evaluation also tells you whether or not there exist any concentration or other business specific or market specific risks, indicating needs for devicing a diverisifcation strategy.

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