Onboarding Compliance Specialist

Keeping up with what’s going on in onboarding compliance always brings up some interesting search results on Google. Right now, there are some employers specifically seeking to hire onboarding compliance specialists. Let’s take a look at what these HR professionals do. Here’s an excerpt from one employer’s recent job posting:

“This position supports the new teammate onboarding process and schedules drug tests and background checks, coordinates completion of I-9 and other paperwork, and monitors the processes to completion. This position provides information and answers questions from candidates, teammates, and management to facilitate the onboarding processes and completion of required employment documents.” 

In the future of greater new hire onboarding automation, would a full-time position need to be devoted specifically to these tasks?

Universal Onboarding would certainly make the process much easier to complete. First, there would be little or no “coordination” required to facilitate forms completion. The new hire is provided with a login on their first Monday and the wizard-like module walks them through each piece of paperwork. HR doesn’t have to follow up about missing or incorrectly completed forms since the software prevents these problems. The process takes less than 25% of the traditional time for filling out paper forms making it easy to hit compliance deadlines for forms completion.

The system can be interfaced directly with third party background check and drug screening partners. This means there’s little or no need to have telephone calls back and forth to arrange screening and check on results for each new employee. Compliance with state new hire reporting is automatically ensured with electronic filing.

On the other hand, employers will still need to designate an I9 administrator. That’s because there are components of I9 compliance (such as spotting fake identification documents) that have to be handled in person. Of course, Universal Onboarding is well suited to supporting best practices in I9 administration as well. It makes I9s readily accessible for self audits and can be interfaced with e-Verify if desired.

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