The Future Of Automated Employee Hiring

The last 20 years have seen a very significant shift in how HR departments handle the hiring process. Specialized onboarding software now plays a role in hiring automation for many mid to large sized companies. There’s no telling what the onboarding sphere will look like in another 20 years. But here’s our take on some trends that may become more prevalent in automated employee hiring over the next 5-10 years.

Investing in Onboarding Solutions will Increase

HR’s function within many organizations is slowly changing to focus on strategic initiatives and alignment with larger business goals. As HR gets better at demonstrating the value of onboarding automation (e.g., greater compliance and efficiency), business leaders may tend to budget more generously for such HR applications. We’re already seeing this in other areas of HR software as forecasting shows a significant percentage of IT executives and business leaders plan to spend money improving their HR systems over the next few years.

More Industries will Seek Automation

Historically, the restaurant industry has been a slow adopter of new HR technology. Ironically, such high turnover employers have the most to gain in both cost savings and risk mitigation by using onboarding software. Since these applications are now part of mainstream HR software, industries that were previously holding back are likely to begin making use of automation in hiring. Government agencies (another group that tends to hang back from committing to new processes) will likely automate hiring as well. This will be especially helpful for state and federal employers who are required to use e-Verify.

Compliance will become Critical

The last few years have seen an unprecedented increase in enforcement efforts by the DHS, DOJ, and other government agencies. There’s no indication that the push to penalize employers will taper off any time soon. Employers are beginning to realize that inattention to detail in hiring processes is a costly mistake they can’t afford to make. Many existing onboarding systems simply automate forms. They will need to be restructured to help employers achieve compliance in hiring. Emerald Software Group is primed to fill the gap with our Universal Onboarding module that is already designed to apply state and federal government rules to forms completion and data processing for new hires.

Greater Collaboration

The next decade is likely to see a surge in integration of onboarding with other systems. This includes internal backend applications and third party applications on the employer’s side. However, there’s also a trend toward collaboration between Best of Breed HR and ERP software vendors. These strategic partnerships allow niche product vendors in hiring automation and other fields to provide employers with integrated solutions outside of the traditional suite software model.

More Confidence in Technology

SaaS onboarding software has now reached the point where it is accepted by even the largest corporations. Security issues are being adequately addressed and the cost savings are just too significant to ignore. Now, cloud computing is the latest technological advance being evaluated by employers. Over the next 10 years, new improvements in HR software are likely to keep coming at an even quicker pace. The speed with which employers adopt these innovations is probably going to increase as the business world becomes adapted to a rapidly evolving technological environment. In the future, maybe there will be a hiring app that new hires can access from their smartphone – there’s just no telling!

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