Don’t Take HR Software Compliance For Granted

Compliance standards for HR software cover a wide range of issues. The federal government has issued many regulations that impact HRIS systems. New rules are being added all the time to keep up with the latest technology. To be in full compliance with the law, HR software programs must:

  • Provide adequate data security to protect against unauthorized access or accidental exposure
  • Retain records for the length of time required by the DOL, OSHA, IRS, ICE, DOJ, and other agencies
  • Back up data appropriately to mitigate the risk of lost or corrupted files
  • Maintain audit trails that make it possible to track each time a file is created, viewed, or modified (and by whom)
  • Ensure electronic signatures meet requirements for authenticity and contractual validity
  • Promote employee data privacy by restricting internal access to electronic HR records

Lots of vendors can toss around compliance terms in their sales pitch. For example, they might say “Our electronic forms completion process meets the requirements of the ESIGN Act”. What they probably won’t tell you is exactly what steps they have taken to ensure the compliance of their application. If a vendor can’t explain HOW their system achieves each compliance objective, do you think there’s a possibility that their product doesn’t actually meet the standards claimed?

You Deserve Better

As an HR client, you have the right to request “assertion documents” from your vendors. These don’t have to be hugely complex. In fact, this type of document should state as plainly as possible, point by point, how a solution meets specific compliance requirements. If a vendor can’t provide you with this information, there is no guarantee that your business won’t have to completely revamp your system later. The last thing you need is a data security breach or a government audit revealing the inadequacy of your HR software system.

When you contact Emerald Software Group to discuss our suite of products, we are ready to provide you with documents detailing exactly how we ensure compliance with government requirements. This is yet another area where our Best of Breed Universal Onboarding solution stands out from the crowd.

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