Administering Special Perk Programs For New Employees

Workforce Management just published an article about the things some employers are doing to try to keep workers happy. With health insurance costs skyrocketing, many companies are looking for ways to make employees feel appreciated – even as these workers are forced to take on more financial responsibility for their medical insurance.

Special benefits offered to employees range from discounts for dependent care to pet insurance and on-site health clubs. Wellness incentives, EAPs, eco-friendly commuter incentives like bicycle reimbursement, and other perks are great from the standpoint of worker relations. But they tend to create extra administrative work for HR. Determining who qualifies for what and when they become eligible is a record keeping hassle. Collecting acknowledgement forms regarding policies that govern participation is another ongoing task. Then, there’s the process of ensuring that partners who supply the various benefits (such as discount programs) get access to the data they need.

New Hire Onboarding is the Place to Start

One way to manage fringe benefit programs is by bundling enrollment into the onboarding process. This accomplishes several things. First, it ensures that employees sign policy acknowledgements for every program they choose to participate in (or will have the opportunity to use in the future). Second, it permits the electronic collection of specific information that is relevant to each program. For example, if an employee’s immediate family members will have access to EAP services, the worker will need to identify these eligible individuals on an enrollment form. Third, once information is collected it can be securely, automatically distributed to third parties as needed. That simplifies the process of determining who qualifies for perks such as discount programs. New employee information can be added to the partner’s database immediately upon onboarding without adding to HR’s workload.

How Our Software Can Help

Universal Onboarding supports this process in two ways. An unlimited number of policy acknowledgements can be added to the forms library for signature collection. The system is also set up to allow HR to build new data panels easily. With a little help from IT to create a script that governs how the data on each panel is distributed, it is possible to automate the administration of any number of perk programs.

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