2011 Is The Year To Approach IT About SaaS


If HR makes one resolution this year, it should be to bite the bullet and start talking with IT about SaaS. Why is this the right solution at the right time? Chief Information Officers at typical large businesses are facing pressure from those higher up the food chain to start investing in cloud based software. Business leaders have enough awareness of the potential for cost savings that they are becoming a driving force behind the adoption of SaaS and PaaS. They want to know what their CIO is planning to do to get their organization up to speed with this agile, resource-conserving technology.

Catch the Wave

According to survey data published at zdnet.com, both business leaders and CIOs at large firms already plan to invest significantly in cloud based applications in 2011. Significantly, the further up the IT ladder you go, the less resistance there is to this transition. For example, 50% of CIOs surveyed showed a strong interest in cloud services. For middle management in IT, that interest level dropped to only 30%. This is a clear indication that moving to the cloud is viewed as a key benefit from a strategic “big picture” standpoint. It also means that HR executives should connect directly with the executive in their IT department to gain support for a strategic HR initiative involving cloud based, SaaS software applications.

HR Must Align with IT’s Strategy

Of course, this can only happen if the changes HR wants to make will improve business processes and conserve IT resources. This is where HR needs to ask its vendors to step in and provide realistic projections. If they can show cost savings for IT in implementation and maintenance as well as enhanced compliance and greater efficiency for HR, the solution is more likely to be approved. It’s also often a good idea to start with a single project rather than attempting to revamp the entire HRMS at one time. This permits HR and IT to budget effectively while proving the value of each change as they go along. One place to start is with Universal Onboarding since this application transforms a specific function within HR in ways that can be easily measured.

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