HR Onboarding – Branding and Document Composition

As you know, Emerald Software specializes in the employee onboarding niche. However, we also make sure that our clients can choose from a variety of peripheral solutions that integrate seamlessly with our onboarding software. In fact, we have a full complement of supporting programs from a basic online employment application to Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

For clients who don’t currently have these systems in place (and those who aren’t happy with their existing systems), we are happy to step in with a solution that is guaranteed to interface easily with our Universal Onboarding system. One advantage of using multiple product offerings from the Emerald Software suite is this ability to decrease the complexity of implementation.

Keep Your HR Brand Front and Center

Another benefit of going “Green” with Emerald is that your presentation will be more consistent across your company. As an example, take our Document Composition system. This is actually a solution that can be used with a number of existing business data management systems across your organization. Think for a moment about your current HR policy documents and even your employee handbook. These are elements of your HR brand that new hires are exposed to during onboarding. If you use an obsolete system, you may have a wide variety of .doc files that have been created over the years.

Take a look at each one. Chances are, they have your company logo somewhere in the header (although the size and placement may vary from one policy document to the next). The text font styles, sizes, and overall formatting may be completely different on a policy that was created in 1998 compared to one that was just typed up in 2009. That’s the kind of inconsistency that makes HR policy documents look cobbled together on the fly instead of carefully thought out. When new hires compare the glossy materials used to establish a relationship with customers and the often hastily designed documents used to establish the employer/employee relationship, HR may come out looking less than professional.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply build a template once and then be able to plug in new text as needed to generate consistently branded documents every time? Besides employment policies, HR can use our document composition software to create templates for workplace notices, memos, total compensation statements, and much more. Plus, other departments can develop their own reporting and communications document templates; so the system has a high ROI. Of course, this only benefits your company if people actually use the software. That’s why we’ve built this application on Word to ensure swift adoption across your organization.

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