Human Capital Management and Onboarding

Human Capital Management (HCM) And Onboarding

At Emerald Software, we always like to keep abreast of the latest studies and white papers published in the HR technology field. Workday consistently publishes articles with interesting content, so be sure to head over to their resources page to download a couple. The one I’d like to comment on today is about “Why Your Current HR Systems Hold You Back”. The author, Leighanne Levensaler, makes some great points about how the structure of traditional ERP systems fall short of helping HR achieve its strategic business goals.

One important focus of this whitepaper is decision making. Often, legacy HR systems don’t support agile and accurate business choices regarding HCM. Cost control, labor/scheduling, general employee data, and performance management are too often handled from an HRIS standpoint as separate information systems or silos with little meaningful integration. Instead, a great deal of data is duplicated in multiple systems – a waste of both time/resources and an approach that tends to generate inconsistency. This makes consistent, continuous, and in-depth analysis of HR’s business processes difficult. It also creates disconnection between HR and other departments that should be looking at the big picture together and collaborating to create solutions.

A Fix That Evolves With The Times

Naturally, Workday’s recommended solution is their HCM software product that is advertised as having advantages over legacy systems such as SaaS delivery, easier integration, better agility, and greater visibility into data. There’s definitely something to be said for having HR software that isn’t tied to old ways of doing things. It makes sense to move away from inadequate solutions that require extensive time commitment and monetary investment from IT for every version upgrade.

That’s something we pay a great deal of attention to in the continuing evolution of our Best of Breed Universal Onboarding software. We understand that HR clients are looking for ways to keep up with advances in both technology and regulatory compliance when it comes to hiring. At the same time, they need a program that is designed for integration with older ERP systems and the newer SaaS HRIS products that are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike most vendors in our field, we offer both traditional licensing and SaaS options to our clients. Check out Jeff’s recent series on this topic for more information.

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