Should Automated Onboarding be Optional or Mandatory?

Should Automated Onboarding be Optional or Mandatory?

For companies that have multiple locations, one decision that has to be made during implementation is whether an automated onboarding system will be used at all work sites. This question may be especially pertinent for franchise operations where some decisions are made at corporate headquarters and some by individual franchisees. Forcing a change on an unwilling hiring manager can backfire. However, continuing to permit the use of an outdated and error prone paper based system can leave employers open to compliance violations.

Be Smart – Prepare Your Managers for Change

Whether you decide to take a hard line, mandatory approach to implementation or permit each location to adopt the system at its own pace, there are ways to ease the transition. Getting buy in from on-site managers is easiest when they are brought in during the design phase to provide their ideas and feedback. With a product like Emerald Software’s Universal Onboarding, customization is expected and promoted. The forms and data panels can be easily modified to take advantage of the suggestions offered by hiring managers who are “in the trenches”.

When individual store managers have some ownership of the process, there is a much higher likelihood that they will want to participate in using the software to handle new hire onboarding. This strategy also gives them time to become used to the concept of change and get excited about the rollout of the automated system. The rate of adoption should be monitored to ensure that all locations do eventually get “on board”. This won’t take long if the word goes out through the grapevine that the program solves headaches like lost paperwork, incomplete forms, and rekeying of data. Voluntary adoption rates can reach 100% very quickly – check out our case study on RPM Pizza for an example of how well that worked out in real life.

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