Virtual Job Fairs and Onboarding

Virtual Job Fairs and Automated Onboarding

According to’s contributing author Bridget Mintz Testa, employers are starting to go virtual earlier in the onboarding process than ever before. With budgets stretched to the limit but hiring starting to pick up, companies are recruiting using virtual job fairs. According to sources interviewed by Ms. Testa, webinars and teleconference calls are taking the place of in-person meet and greets on campus. Some employers are even turning to tools such as Skype to conduct interviews.

For recruiters who are under pressure to reach qualified job candidates using limited financial resources, this is a huge step forward. Today’s college students and recent graduates are comfortable with the technology, so savvy HR professionals are starting to catch up. When employers communicate with applicants online, this opens up an opportunity for HR branding to be presented consistently from the initial contact onward.

Does This Strategy Create Distance Between Candidates and Recruiters?

Far from depersonalizing the recruitment process, virtualizing some portions of it can actually allow for greater attention to personal detail. For example, think about what happens when a recruiter drives to a job fair, sets up a table, and tries to talk with multiple interested candidates at the same time. It is very difficult to make personal connections and spend time with each person. In contrast, a recruiter can schedule face time using a video chat application and devote his/her full attention to every interviewee. This approach can help brand a company as one that values giving individual attention to applicants/employees and that is willing to invest in the technology to make this possible.

Transitioning a candidate into an employee using automated onboarding software is the next logical step. The process is clearly designed to make the process as time-efficient as possible. What isn’t as evident to the employee (but is very clear to HR), is the amount of money that this virtualized approach saves the company.

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