Onboarding in the Restaurant Industry

At Emerald Software Group, we have the privilege of partnering with many other forward thinking software providers in related industries to bring our clients a full service experience. One of those strategic partnerships is with Restaurant Magic Software, a company that specializes in SaaS data management solutions for food service industry clients. Steve Roberts, founder and CEO of the company recently shared his thoughts about onboarding in the restaurant sphere with us. So, I’m taking this opportunity to share some of his observations with you.

Why Restaurants Are Ready for Onboarding

According to Steve, HR departments in the restaurant business are scared stiff about what’s coming up with the changes in healthcare. In an industry where profit margins are already tight, HR must find ways to cut per-employee expenses while delivering value. Automation makes perfect sense as a way to reduce the cost of transactional onboarding. Up until now, restaurants have been very slow to adopt new technology. Now, they can’t afford to lag behind any longer.

SaaS Is Often the Only Workable Solution

Given the industry’s general attitude toward change, it’s no surprise that their hardware is woefully outdated. This means their servers are typically not capable of handling new technology. Having software hosted by an online vendor makes it possible for these clients to access the best solutions without the expense of on-premise installation and server upgrades.

Steve says this reality is just one of the reasons Restaurant Magic made the shift to SaaS. He noted that the pay-as-you-go subscription pricing for restaurant management and onboarding software also appeals to his customers. That’s because they continue to receive ongoing support including value-added services such as upgrades at no additional cost. That’s a big contrast to traditional software packages that include pricey licenses and maintenance packages (as well as the need to buy and install a whole new version every time a change is required).

Benefits of Universal Onboarding for These Clients

Roberts says there are several things Emerald Software Group does well that benefit restaurant industry clients. First, we give our customers the ability to customize software protocols to match their business rules. For example, if a client needs new hire information routed first to a local hiring manager and then to corporate HR (or vice versa), that’s no problem.

Enforcing compliance is another plus. Steve mentioned that customers typically don’t realize how far short they are falling in this area – so more education is needed on this topic. Finally, he had some nice things to say about how well we brand our product with the look and feel of each client.

There’s a lot more where this came from, so keep an eye on our website for a full feature interview with Steve Roberts coming up soon!

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