Beyond Onboarding – Managing Personnel Changes

Users of our Universal Onboarding software agree – automation sure does make HR’s job easier. However, it isn’t just Human Resources that can benefit from handy solutions when it comes to managing personnel files over the lifecycle of an employee. Managers are also heavily involved in many of the decisions that end up creating paperwork in a worker’s folder. The trail of documents this creates can become a real hassle – especially at large organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Going paperless with a virtual document management system is a good start in reducing the headaches caused by the dreaded Personnel Change Form. However, going online is only half the solution. True automation and customization are what make managing employee status changes easy. A typical HRMS may have application-based capabilities for dealing with common types of personnel changes like promotions or pay rate changes. However, there are times when the basics just aren’t enough.

You may need the ability to define your workflow to match your organization’s unique business processes. For example, certain types of status changes may require review and approval from a user who doesn’t typically access the HRMS. Or, the HRMS may not be integrated fully with other backend (or third party) systems, making data rekeying a persistent chore.

Going Virtual with Real Efficiency

There’s obviously a need for a software solution that makes status change forms as obsolete as physical new hire packets are in onboarding. This means employers need the ability to handle an unlimited number and variety of transactions through a single system. Such a program must be customizable so that requests are routed through the review/approval chain automatically. Information on approved changes must also be transmitted to its final destination using an interface that eliminates administrative labor on the part of managers and HR.

The AllegroHR Personnel Action Notices module makes change management like this possible. It also has the bonus feature of updating the originating party of the status of each change request. So, full accountability is maintained throughout the process. Plus our software is designed to be structured around each client’s business processes rather than a static set of “general best practices” that may not apply to your industry or company. That means you aren’t stuck with following someone else’s rules like you would be with a change management system offered as part of a typical HRMS.

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