Onboarding and Vendor Integration

To be truly effective, transactional onboarding software has to let HR transfer data in two ways. You need to be able to distribute information internally throughout your HRMS. Then, you also need to be able to exchange data externally – with your partners who handle drug testing, background screening, and tax credit processing (not to mention state new hire reporting and e-Verify).

Traditional Software Approaches Fall Short

There are two major drawbacks to the way many of the systems that are currently on the market are structured. The first is integration capability. Have you ever asked IT to write an application to interface your HR software with a third party site? If so, you know how difficult it can be to get the tech guys to commit their time and resources unless you can prove your project has top priority.

IT may have to write a separate program for each vendor you do business with. Then, if you aren’t satisfied with the level of service you are receiving from a particular partner, you have to convince IT to write a new interface for the replacement vendor.

Then, there’s the issue of the actual exchange of information. Usually, all you end up with is the ability to send data to a third party. Then, you receive your response through some other avenue at your vendor’s convenience.

Wouldn’t it be better to have some accountability built into your interactions with third party screening companies? You should be able to create the ground rules for these partnerships based on your own business processes and requirements – not theirs.

Interface with Ease

One solution is to choose an onboarding program that comes equipped with the interfaces you need. At Emerald Software Group, we’ve got integration services up and running for everything from e-Verify to some of the best screening vendors on the market. If we don’t have the application you need to interface with one of your existing vendors, we have the tools to easily create one.

Plus, bi-directional capabilities are built in. This means you can set the rules for your third party interactions. It’s a relief to stop relying on IT to help you connect your onboarding software with external sites. Even better, you won’t be stuck with a screening partner who doesn’t do right by you simply because it’s too much trouble to interface with a new vendor.

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