Universal Onboarding Boosts New Hire Confidence

Transparency is a product feature that makes the AllegroHR Universal Onboarding system very appealing to new hires. Even more than eye catching branding and fancy multi-media presentations, new employees want peace of mind that they are filling out their forms correctly. They don’t want to get overwhelmed with paperwork and wonder “Did I fill out my W4 right?” or “Did I accidentally switch the routing and bank account numbers on my direct deposit form?”

Here are some ways we make it easy for new hires to get things right (go here for the video):

  • Our wizard-style onboarding software makes it simple for employees to navigate from one screen to the next – and back again if necessary. They can also save their information as they go. So, if they do need to click back to a previous screen to double check or change something they won’t lose their freshly entered data. 
  • There is also a handy status bar that lets them know how close they are to being finished at any point. Seeing that they are 50% finished with onboarding just a few minutes into the process certainly makes new hires feel like they are zipping through their forms.  
  • Each data field is formatted to reject entries that are incomplete or that violate business rules or state/federal laws. For example, a phone number without an area code would be highlighted as insufficient. If no emergency contact is listed, the new hire won’t be able to move to the next screen until this required information is supplied. Plus, the software won’t accept contradictory selections on a W4. 
  • Employees are given the opportunity to review their forms both before and after they sign them electronically. They can also print out copies for their records since each one is provided in a pdf format at the end of the onboarding process.

When new employees feel confident that all their forms are correct, they are mentally prepared for the orientation and training that will speed them to productivity. Even better, HR doesn’t have to waste time and resources chasing paperwork. These are just two more good reasons to implement an onboarding system.

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