Cloud Computing for Onboarding

This week, our announcement about the Emerald Software cloud computing option for onboarding hit PRWeb. Our Universal Onboarding solution is the first in the industry to make the benefits of a cloud platform available to clients. The Software as a Service delivery to the end user is still the same – the onboarding module is accessed via a web interface. However, now our customers can select our cloud option depending on their preferences and requirements.

We are using the EC2 platform from Amazon, so data security and availability is excellent (as always!) The folks over at Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud guarantee 99.95% uptime for their infrastructure and data centers. They also have quite an impressive set of physical and virtual security protocols that are in line with industry best practices. You can download their 12 page whitepaper specifically on the topic of security from their website under the Service Highlights section.

HR and Cloud Onboarding

One of the most useful aspects of cloud computing for onboarding is the scalability of the platform. Amazon calls this “elasticity” and that’s a great term. It’s possible for clients to expand – or contract – usage of resources in the cloud at any time. As your provider of SaaS onboarding software, this means we can offer you as much “power” in the cloud as you need from one month or one year to the next without taking on any permanent costs for additional servers.

Instead, it’s all “pay for use”. Just like you pay per new hire, we pay Amazon for the resources we use on their platform. We save money – so you do too. Are you a seasonal employer with plans to hire a hundred employees this month and 10,000 next month? No problem. The giant rubber band represented by the cloud can be resized at a moment’s notice to accommodate your onboarding needs. Give us a call to find out more about cloud computing versus our standard data center and find out which solution would work best for your company.

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