Onboarding Employees and Single Sign-On

One of the intangible items your employees need on (or before) their first day of work is a user name/password combination. This is required for signing into the onboarding module to fill out all their forms for HR. They may also need secure access to your intranet and a variety of other programs to perform their job duties. This can be accomplished in one of several ways:

  1. They can be assigned a different login for each application or portal and be required to remember these multiple passwords to use your system.
  2. They can be assigned one username and password but still be prompted to re-enter it anytime they want to open another application or access a portal.
  3. They can be assigned a single login and enter it just once at the beginning of a session to gain access to every portal and application they have permission to use.

If you picked #3 as your preferred option, congratulations! Many organizations are choosing Single Sign-On (SSO) as the optimal way to handle access. There’s some great information on the benefits of SSO here and here.

Why Is Option #1 So Bad?

Forcing new hires to memorize multiple passwords is obviously problematic from a basic, human error standpoint. Any IT security consultant will tell you that one of the top risks for data breaches comes from employees writing their passwords down and keeping this information somewhere in their desk.

This can create an FTC compliance nightmare if the privacy of your employees or customers is compromised. When it comes to benefits, there may also be HIPAA regulations (and fines!) to consider. If workers have only a single password to remember, you can reasonably insist that they keep this sensitive piece of information in their head instead of on a post-it.

How About Option #2?

From a user standpoint, being forced to log in over and over is a pain in the neck. This can make it tempting to leave applications open instead of logging out at the end of each session. With SSO, it isn’t a burden for employees to close out their open applications before stepping away from their desk to visit the restroom or refill their coffee. This limits the exposure of potentially sensitive data throughout the workday.

Got SSO? So Do We

What does all this have to do with our Universal Onboarding system? We’ve designed this software with SSO integration capability in mind. Your new hires can have an Easy Monday with just one username and password to memorize!

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