Universal Onboarding and ESS Portals Working Together

One of the things that I believe makes AllegroHR’s Universal Onboarding software a Best of Breed product is ease of integration. If you have a third party portal supplied by an HRMS vendor, chances are we can interface with it. Connecting your onboarding system with an ESS (employee self service) portal makes sense for several reasons.

The most obvious benefit is that integration makes it is easy to share new hire information automatically instead of rekeying it from one system to the next. This reduces HR’s labor costs and also eliminates typos during data transfer.

Higher Adoption Rates for ESS

With online, wizard-guided onboarding, new hires are introduced to the concept of self service from day one. This makes them more likely to use the ESS portal in the future when they need to make a change to their personal information. Since our onboarding software reduces the time spent filling out forms by 75% or more, employees will instantly grasp that going online is the most time effective solution for dealing with paperwork. This is a big boon during open enrollment if you are using ESS for benefits form completion.

The Illusion of a Single System

Seamless integration also makes it simple for employees to transition from acculturation onboarding software to the ESS system. This is especially true if your ESS vendor lets you customize the look and feel of the portal like Emerald Software does with our onboarding panels. Consistent branding is key for building employee loyalty and trust.

Picking Up the Slack

Operating both systems in tandem might be ideal during the new hire orientation/training phase that may last for several months. Anything that is lacking in your ESS portal can be addressed through acculturation modules instead. For example, a very basic ESS might allow workers to make initial benefits elections but not explain the impact of such decisions.

Without having to rely on HR (I personally believe new employees like to be as independent and initiative-taking as possible), employees could find the answers they need in tutorials, videos, and outbound link sections that you provide through your acculturation onboarding portal. This reduces helpdesk inquiries and allows HR to spend more time achieving strategic objectives.

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