Find Your State Tax Forms Here!

Keeping up with the latest income tax withholding requirements for employees is one part of onboarding that is always challenging. A year doesn’t pass that there isn’t a change in the forms for any number of states. For employers with locations in multiple states, the confusion is compounded. This is especially true if Human Resources is located at corporate headquarters and administers all new hire paperwork from that central location.

Our Gift to You

Since Emerald Software is committed to making HR’s job easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive map of state tax forms. It’s really easy to use: you can instantly see which states don’t levy income taxes and those that do. We’ve also color coded states that will let employers use the federal W4 instead of a unique state form to document withholding.

This tool can help you stay up to date with the latest versions of each form with a couple of mouse clicks. That’s not all – we’ve collected state income tax exemption certificates too. So, now everything you need is in one place. Of course, you’ll still need to check back frequently for changes. That’s where some employers run into trouble.

Staying Current Takes a Concerted Effort

Many HR departments like to have a batch of new hire packets collated and ready for distribution. This is much less time consuming than making a separate set of copies each time an employee is hired. The downside is that it’s common to end up with a stack of packets that contain forms that are no longer valid. Having to go in and replace an old version of a W4 (or G4 or I4 or whatever a state might call it) with a new one at the beginning of each year is inconvenient, let alone keeping on top of changes that might occur in the middle of the year. However, using an outdated form could cause serious problems if your files are audited.

Herein lies (at least) one good reason to use our Universal Onboarding solution to automate your new hire process. You can get rid of paper documents entirely and never worry about which version of a form to present to employees for completion.

As a full service software vendor, we take responsibility for updating all the forms in our extensive library. You can rest easy knowing that the most current version of every form is always the one used during onboarding. Even better, employees will now fill out every document including W4s and I9s with no errors or omissions.

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