Paperless Applications a Boon When Unemployment is High

I talk a lot about our onboarding system on my blog, but that isn’t the only product we offer at Emerald Software Group. We’ve actually got a paperless employment application package too. It interfaces directly with our onboarding system to create a complete paperless hiring solution. Some of our clients already have a paperless recruiting system that works well, so this software isn’t for everyone.

However, it’s a great option for employers who are still accepting outdated paper applications. With a multi-page form, the chances that a job candidate will fill everything out completely (and legibly) are low. Web based application submission makes a lot more sense. Accuracy and ease of use aren’t the only benefits. Eliminating tedious filing is also an important perk.

High Unemployment Makes Applications Unmanageable

With the current unemployment level hovering around 9.6%, your receptionist may be inundated with over a hundred applications a week. Many recruiters fall behind in reviewing these. Stacks of paperwork may grow for weeks before being filed. Then, your HR department runs into a problem when they need to lay their hands on a particular application.

If you’ve never been on unemployment, you may not realize that recipients are required to keep track of their job hunting efforts. They have to maintain a log of every place they applied for work along with a contact at that company. In many states, the person receiving unemployment benefits is required to engage in 3 or more “job search” activities per week to keep on getting their paycheck.

The problem is that many people don’t pay close attention to these requirements. When do they get serious about record keeping? This happens when they are audited by the state DOL or get their benefits cut off for failure to provide the required information with their weekly claim.

Then, they have to scramble to document every job they applied for. That’s when they call your HR staff to see if they can get a copy of their application or a job reference number for their records. Occasionally, auditors may also call to verify that an individual on unemployment did fill out an application as listed on their log.

Streamline Your Application Process

Rather than digging through a huge pile of paperwork, it is much simpler to pull up the necessary information with a mouse click. With online application acceptance, you can also cut down on traffic in your reception area. Only serious job hunters will show up in person. Folks just looking to keep their unemployment benefits rolling in can fulfill their job search requirements from home.

When you do make a job offer, the information from the candidate’s original application will automatically populate into your onboarding system. This eliminates the need to collect the same information multiple times and makes the new hire’s first Monday a breeze.

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