Unlimited Acknowledgement Forms in Onboarding

When it comes to protecting your organization, there always seems to be another loophole to close. Lawyers are suffering just like everyone else in this economy and they are hungry for income. This means business owners (with their perceived deep pockets) are a target. Employees aren’t just getting the idea into their heads out of the blue that they need to sue their employers.

According to my friend Scott Williams at The Stonehaven Group, unscrupulous attorneys are actively recruiting workers to bring claims. Even when these are frivolous, many companies will settle out of court because they don’t know what else to do, or because settling is cheaper than protracted litigation. Having a strong set of policies and collecting signed acknowledgements is one step in stemming the tide of such litigation.

Here are just a few of the policy acceptance documents you should collect:

  • Receipt of employee handbook
  • Drug testing and background check policies
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • Non-compete and intellectual property agreements
  • Usage policy for internet, phone, email, etc

You get to select the electronic signature style of your choice for your documents. This can be a click-to-agree format or actual image capturing software depending on your needs. New hires are able to peruse each form and save or print it for their own records as part of the onboarding process. They can also perform a final review of each virtual document after they have signed it to make sure everything is in order.

Doesn’t This Get Expensive?

Some onboarding vendors charge clients by the number of forms they use. We don’t. You can upload as many acknowledgement forms as you need when you use Emerald Software’s Universal Onboarding system. Plus, you get access to our full library of state and federal forms for no additional fee. With a pricing structure based on the number of new hires instead of the number of forms, your costs are kept under control no matter how complex your document requirements become.

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