Benefits of Using Staff Service Request for Onboarding

The AllegroHR Staff Service Request (SSR) application is a useful tool for requisitioning items throughout an employee’s tenure at your organization. Of course, it’s especially useful during onboarding when a significant amount of material requisitioning (also known as provisioning) takes place in a short period of time. Here are three features of our SSR program that make it easy to equip your new hires without wasting anyone’s time or your organization’s resources.

Pre-Hire Requisitioning

When you are requisitioning items with a long lead time, it doesn’t make sense to wait until a job offer is made to start placing orders. Instead, managers often need the ability to get everything lined up for a position that hasn’t yet been filled. With our SSR system, requests can be entered during the recruiting phase – or even earlier. Based on the rules you determine, it is possible for items to be requested as soon as a new position is created.

Item Grouping and Precedence

You know what’s really frustrating for IT personnel? Coming to set up a new hire’s workstation and finding out that they don’t have all the components necessary to complete the assembly. For example, they might have the employee’s phone line allocated but not actually have a phone to hook up and test.

With the SSR grouping function, you can requisition items in sets that make sense for completing specific tasks. Precedence-based workflows can also be used to dictate when each request should be fulfilled, and top-level requisition workflows can spin off (conditionally, even) sub-requisition workflows (e.g. the manager requisitions a blackberry account workflow, that workflow checks to make sure a phone and email account have been created, and if not, fires off workflows to request them). That way everything is delivered when it is needed and not before.

Cancel and Recall Options

What if an intangible such as unlimited access rights is accidentally requested for a new hire who shouldn’t have this privilege? Such a request could be prevented from being applied to the employee’s ID card using the cancellation function. The same process can be applied to physical items as well.

Wasting resources is always undesirable. In today’s cost-concious business environment, it’s unacceptable. Mistakes happen and circumstances change. With our SSR software’s recall ability, any supplies your new hire doesn’t end up needing can be easily retrieved and returned to inventory.

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