Notes on Re-Hire Onboarding

When you are onboarding a new-hire, you know how much paperwork is involved. Every single form has to be signed. The employee has to go through the whole rigmarole and jump through all the hoops. What about when you rehire an employee after a termination or layoff?

Let’s say an employee quits with notice and then comes back after a few months when his new job didn’t work out. You would still be required to report him as a new-hire to the state for child support purposes. You would also want to have a new I9 and W4 filled out to be on the safe side.

However, you probably wouldn’t feel it necessary to do another background check. In addition, you would also still have all his certifications and licenses on file – you don’t need new copies. You could forgo the in-depth orientation and acculturation process. You might consider many of the policy acknowledgements to be still in force (especially non-disclosure and non-compete). Do you want to skip some steps?

Additional Considerations

In many states with at-will employment laws, employers have a lot of leeway in deciding whether or not to reinstate benefits immediately. You might make a rehire go through a full probationary period if they quit voluntarily. You could choose to waive this requirement for someone who ran out of FMLA time and was still too sick to return to work until later. For employees who were laid off, you would want to ensure they retained their seniority and vesting less any time not worked.

Do you want a one-size fits all approach or do you require more flexibility? These are things you should take into consideration when designing your onboarding system. With our universal onboarding product, even having the rehire fill out every form again will take a fraction of the time usually required in a paper intensive system. We can also work with you to apply your specific business rules to your onboarding process. Let us know what you need!

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