Onboarding & Offboarding: Facility and Data Security

As an employer, you face the challenge of keeping confidential information private and company property secure. Unfortunately, sabotage, theft, and data breaches often occur because of the actions of current or former employees.

Nearly every company has a story to tell about a disgruntled worker who wreaked havoc either for personal gain or out of revenge. Managing access to company property and to the data on your servers is a critical part of your risk reduction strategy. That’s why being able to requisition a facility access ID and logon information is such an important part of the onboarding process.

Accurate Records, Limited Access

If a new hire shows up for the first day of work and doesn’t have an access card, username and password, what happens? First, someone else will have to swipe the employee in and out of restricted areas. This means your records about who went where in your facility will be incomplete. For businesses that handle R&D and other highly confidential client information, this can present an unacceptable risk.

The same goes for network access. Having a supervisor log in to the system on behalf of the new hire could expose information and permissions well above that employee’s authorized level of access. It makes much more sense to use a requisitioning program that provides all the necessary items before the employee arrives. You can easily do this with our Staff Service Request system.

Offboarding – You Can’t Afford Mistakes

Once an employee is terminated for cause, there is always the risk that he or she will decide to strike back. Escorting an individual off the property won’t protect your company if that person can go home and log on remotely. The ex-employee could easily delete critical files or distribute confidential data to your competitors. You might think that the threat of litigation is a deterrent, but people under stress don’t think rationally and this thinking is reactive instead of active: obviously by the time you take the malicious employee to court the damage is already done.

If the former employee still has a working facility access card, he/she may come back after dark with a few friends and make off with thousands of dollars in product or equipment. Sure, you can prosecute and sue the guilty party – just don’t expect to get reimbursed for your losses. Remember, that person is out of a job!

There isn’t any reason to leave your organization open to this kind of hazard. With a requisitioning system like our SSR system that covers the entire life-cycle, a termination can automatically trigger the process of revoking access rights. That way, you don’t have to worry about overlooking this important security measure during the stressful process of offboarding an employee.

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