Tool-based Onboarding vs. Full-service Onboarding

I’m often asked how Emerald Software Group’s universal onboarding differs from other solutions on the market.  Here’s a real life analogy that might help clarify this:

If you had a job interview tomorrow, would you have the perfect outfit on hand to wear? Chances are you would decide that nothing in your closet is quite right. Perhaps you need a new pair of slacks or a smart, business length skirt to make the best impression. There are two different ways to go about meeting that need.

Tools Based Approach

You purchase all the tools and supplies necessary to sew the garment from scratch. Let’s see. That would mean you need a sewing machine, a cutting mat, needles, bobbins, scissors, pins, chalk, a pattern, a measuring tape, fabric, interfacing, a zipper, thread…you get the idea. Depending on your level of skill, you might (or might not) end up with a fantastic new wardrobe piece to knock the socks off the recruiter. Of course, you would be up all night sewing.

Full Service Approach

You zip over to a mall outlet like Nordstrom and select an item from among a wide variety of clothing choices in different colors and sizes. This off-the-rack garment would already be fully constructed by someone who knows what they are doing. Need it altered to fit you? Get this service done on site (often for free). The end result is that you will look polished and professional. Then, you can spend the evening preparing for tough interview questions instead of poking your fingers with pins.

How This Applies to Onboarding

There are a lot of tools vendors out there selling what they call an onboarding system.  Usually document management and workflow software vendors, they are basically a set of separate tools or functions. You could cobble these together to build an onboarding system, perhaps; but this approach still leaves you with lots of T’s to cross and I’s to dot to ensure that you are fully compliant. Make a mistake or leave out a step and the fines can be substantial.

With Universal Onboarding, we include business rules that allow you to truly automate your workflow at each step. All the documents (W4s, I9s, state W4s, etc.) in our library are up-to-date ensuring that you are always using the most current forms. Each module is set up to guarantee that forms are filled out completely every time.

In addition, interfaces can be added every step of the way to route documents and data to the appropriate department, agency, or third party vendor, etc. In other words, there is a reason our product is referred to as “universal”. It’s a truly full service system.

In short, an Emerald Software Group onboarding solution is less labor intensive (and ultimately more cost effective) than any of the alternatives. It takes the burden of developing and integrating an onboarding system piece by piece off your hands. Instead, it presents you with a solution that has all the basics in one package; and it’s also readily customizable. Leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals frees you to focus on core competencies and strategic planning.

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