Easy Mondays – Part 4: Immersion and Integration

Do you make new hires feel welcome on their first Monday of work? This is just as important as ensuring all the paperwork is done and necessary items are requisitioned. Of course, the employee’s manager and coworkers play an important role in creating an atmosphere that encourages integration with your corporate culture. However, you can also use your universal onboarding system and new employee acculturation portal to enhance this process.

As I’ve discussed earlier, filling out electronic forms takes a fraction of the time new hires are used to spending on documents their first day on a new job. This means you can include a number of acculturation sections in your onboarding program without overwhelming the employee. The possibilities are really limitless, but here are a few ideas to help you get an “Easy Monday” start.

Company Introduction

Stay away from generic “corporate speak” in your welcome message. Put your company’s personal touch into this introduction page. Highlight one or two things that make your business stand out from the competition. Your goal should be to spark excitement in your new hires and make them feel they are working for a company that has a real purpose. Keep this section short enough to maintain the employee’s interest and leave him/her wanting to learn more.

Coworker Introductions

Consider inserting a departmental bio page that allows new hires to get an idea of who they will be working with. This can make subsequent face to face introductions less awkward. Do you have room to include a personal quote or short message along with each employee’s bio? Great! That will help new hires feel like they are joining an organization made up of warm, welcoming people instead of faceless “cogs” in the machine.

Group Introductions

In large organizations, developing an instant connection with other coworkers can ease the transition into a new corporate culture. Facilitate this process by providing links to employee activities and groups your new hire may be interested in. For example, you might include information on a ride sharing program, a walking group, a bowling league, or a book club. When employees get together outside of the work environment, this strengthens their sense of teamwork on the job.

With Emerald Software Group’s products, customizing onboarding software is not complicated. You can incorporate new forms and steps in your process easily. This means increasing the functionality of your onboarding system doesn’t involve significant cost or time. It just adds value and speeds up your ROI.

Thanks for joining me for this blog series, and here’s wishing you an easy Monday!

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