Easy Mondays – Part 3: Requisitioning/Provisioning

In an ideal “Easy Monday” world, your new hire would be able to begin productive activities on the first day.  This is actually possible if your onboarding system streamlines the paperwork as discussed in Part 2 of this series.  Of course, your employee also needs a whole list of physical and intangible items in order to actually fulfill his/her job functions.  This being the week of Christmas, let’s talk about how your managers can give their new employees the “gifts” they need to do their jobs.

How can your department managers ensure that everything is set up and ready to go?

Our AllegroHR Suite of workforce management software products includes the Staff Service Request (SSR) module.  This application allows managers to requisition items for their employees at any time, not just during onboarding.  Obviously, it is especially useful during the onboarding process, but remember that your managers will likely need to requisition items as soon as a position is opened, and for years after an employee has filled that position.

There is a lot of flexibility built into the SSR system.  For example, you might give managers permission to begin “stocking up” for the arrival of a new employee as soon as the position is created.  If furnishings for an entire workspace are required, this gives your procurement department time to source the necessary items (as opposed to as little as a few days to 2 weeks if you have to wait until an offer is extended).

Other items can be requisitioned after the position is filled but before the first day of work.  This might include a PC, phone line, network access, and anything else that requires IT involvement to set up.  Uniforms, tools, safety equipment, and other items you have in stock or can readily obtain may also be provisioned during this period.  And then, 3 years after your new employee started, managers can replace their computers or give them a Blackberry where they didn’t need one before.

Managers Can’t Go “Hog Wild”

If it’s this easy to ask for stuff, won’t your managers get out of control with their staff service requests? Don’t worry. Permissions are fully configurable; you can delegate the review and approval process as you see fit. You can also set up the system to restrict requisitioning of specific items to various stages in the recruiting and onboarding process.

Take Backs

Some equipment (such as a laptop) may be issued to an employee with the understanding that it must be returned on demand or upon termination.  The SSR function can be used to recall company issued equipment at any time.  Of course, this means you need to include a “receipt of company property” acknowledgment among the virtual documents your new hire signs.  This is easily done using our universal onboarding system.

In the final post in this series, we will look at how you can jumpstart the process of integrating a new hire into your company culture on their first day.

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