Easy Mondays – Part 2: New Hire Paperwork

The process of onboarding a new employee generates an enormous pile of paperwork.  Traditional HR departments invest many tedious hours putting together and distributing packets of forms during every hiring cycle.  When coping with all these forms is an employee’s initial task on their first Monday of work, it sucks all the joy and excitement out of starting a new job.

Part of what makes the process so irritating is the amount of duplicate information involved.  After the 3rd or 4th time a new hire has to write his/her name, address, phone number, social security number, etc. it can start to feel like being sent to the blackboard to write “My new job is boring” 100 times.  It’s no wonder employees often make mistakes and omit information.

Of course, HR has to correct these errors and follow up on missing data when this happens.  That’s more labor hours spent playing catch-up instead of concentrating on core business functions. 

You Need Shortcuts – Not Paper Cuts

Let’s look at how onboarding software streamlines this process:

  • You have the latest version of all necessary forms already collected in one place online.  HR doesn’t have to put together packets or mail them out.
  • Virtual documents aren’t limited to state and federal forms.  You can also include any custom forms for your company.  Policy agreements, benefits forms, and more can be incorporated seamlessly.
  • All your new hire needs is a username and login (which is automatically generated and sent via email along with your job offer) to access these documents.
  • Data fields automatically populate from one form to the next.  The employee never has to enter the same information twice.
  • Data entry errors (such as a phone number missing a digit) are immediately highlighted in the form so the employee can correct the mistake.
  • Every required field must be completed or the employee cannot advance to the next screen.  This eliminates common omissions.
  • Electronic signatures are fully supported.  The employee never has to print out and sign a physical document.  HR can review and sign off on each form virtually as well.

A truly universal onboarding solution (like ours at Emerald Group Software) also allows you to automate the workflow before and after this point.

In my next post, we will look at how the Staff Service Request function ensures your new hire has everything necessary to start work right away.

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