Easy Mondays: Employees and Employers Coming Together

 One of our themes when it comes to new employee onboarding has been “Easy Mondays”, the concept of making a new employee’s first day on the job go as smoothly as possible.  That first Monday can be stressful for employee and employer alike.  There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that crosses departmental lines.  This means collaboration and communication have to be seamless.  Otherwise, your company will seem disorganized and make a poor first impression.  Let’s take a look at how many different people may be involved in onboarding a single new hire using typical processes:

Human Resources: In HR, several individuals may be involved in the transactional aspects of onboarding.  One staff member might be tasked with obtaining signature acknowledgements regarding acceptance of company policies while another handles I9 verification and W4 forms.  Explaining benefits, ensuring attendance at training/orientation, checking documents for errors, entering data, filing paperwork, this list goes on and on.

Payroll/Benefits: The employee information you gather in HR must be forwarded to Payroll and Benefits departments (or your applicable third party vendors).  Additional data such as bank routing numbers for direct deposit may be required during this phase.

IT/MIS: Your IT department may need to supply physical items such as a computer, monitor, keyboard, phone system, and headphone, etc.  Then, there are the intangibles like network access, software permissions and access rights, an assigned phone extension, an email address, a time clock ID, and more.

Inventory Maintenance: Depending on the individual’s job duties, he or she may need to be supplied with any number of items: ID badge, uniforms, office furniture/supplies, tools, safety equipment, etc.

Department Employees: The department manager will need to meet with his/her new direct report for a brief orientation.  One of the new hire’s coworkers may be assigned as a mentor who will be responsible for providing a facility tour, making introductions, and beginning the acculturation process.

Many Challenges – One Solution

An onboarding software product, such as our Universal Onboarding, can integrate and streamline many aspects of these tasks.  This makes it much easier for everyone to do their part (and lets you see who is falling down on the job).  Not only does this reduce headaches for each of the departments mentioned above, it makes things simpler for the one person who is facing the most stress on that first Monday – your new hire.

In my next Easy Mondays post, we will explore how employee onboarding software can eliminate the redundancy involved in filling out multiple physical forms.  It’s time to take all your documents and data virtual!

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