Hiring Automation: A Barometer for Recovery?

You might have noticed that I took a blog writing hiatus for the past few weeks; it wasn’t really planned, it’s just that things just have been busy here in Alpharetta.  It’s been a pleasant surprise after watching the economic indicators sliding downward for so many months.  There are a whole lot of reasons to be hopeful that the recession has bottomed out, and I’ve got my own spin on this, but first, a few news items on some interesting goings-on at Emerald Software

We’re currently in the process of welcoming several new customers, representing markets as diverse as healthcare, HR services, and finance.  All of these new customers have requested a “no promotion” clause with us, so I’ll be respecting their wishes and not mentioning their names–but we know them and they know us and that’s all that matters.  So welcome aboard to all our new friends; you have my personal commitment that you’ll be our next set of “raving fan” clients!

We’ve signed on a few new strategic partners, which were the last few blogs that I posted, and we’re working with all our new partner to implement cohesive and integrated products with each of them so that our joint clients can take advantage of some great new value propositions available nowhere else.  We are already able to present integrated product demos (mainly owing to the flexibility in our products) with most of our new partners.

New partnerships are always fun and great, but the recent achievement that I’m most proud of is our award of a GSA multiple award schedule contract.  This GSA contract offers our AllegroHR product suite to all federal government agencies and participating state and local agencies at a pre-negotiated (discounted) price that streamlines the procurement process.  We are the only HR technology firm offering new employee onboarding and HR workflow on a GSA schedule in either perpetual or term (hosted) licenses, and we’re already in discussions with some notable federal agencies to help eliminate paper in HR and improve processes.

So why do I think the recession has bottomed out?  Answer: the sheer number of companies that we’re hearing from that have renewed interest in automating their hire process.  We noticed in early 2008 that fewer companies were interested not only in hiring automation, but also in almost any investment in HR.  It would make sense that if companies were sniffing the oncoming recession that decision making would slow, then decline.  Smart and healthy companies have definitely been taking advantage of the recession, but what we’re seeing now is a completely new interest in new employee onboarding, and we’re seeing it mainly come from companies who are anticipating big hiring over the next few years; big hiring from post-recession growth, and big hiring from companies on the acquisition march (there are lots of fire sales out there still, and if I had a few hundred million laying around, I’d be buying too!)

So if we–as a provider of hiring automation technology–are indeed a barometer of recovery, clear skies lie ahead!

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