Welcome to the Emerald Family, New Partner: Nextanalytics

I’m proud to welcome to the Emerald Software family of partners Nextanalytics of Ontario. You can read the formal PR announcement here. Under this partnership Emerald Software will be offering to our customers some VERY impressive ad hoc reporting and analysis features to our AllegroHR Suite for workforce management.

Reporting and analysis in the new employee onboarding world is a weird thing; how do you provide off-the-shelf reporting for a product (like ours) that is so much designed and intended to adapt to the unique onboarding processes of our customers?  Everyone wants a status report, a checklist of where employees in the process, and we deliver that, but there’s infinitely more value in being able to do analysis of the affects of the improvements made to the process over time and determining some very subjective measurements like, “how quickly are new employees becoming effective” and “how effective are new employees becoming”.  I’m proud to say we’ve found a way to help customers answer these questions, and it’s routed in our partnership with Nextanalytics; stay tuned for more on this subject.

Thanks to Jay and Mike and the whole team at Nextanalytics; here’s to a long term and fruitful partnership!

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