Onboarding, Browsers, and Pop-Up Blockers

I just spoke today with a new customer who had previously invested in another vendor’s onboarding.  Among the many reasons they cited for leaving this particular vendor were 2 that blew me away.   Okay, not to be gleeful in our competitor’s problems, but these seem like some pretty straightforward requirements and I can’t believe anyone would architect any major web application today–especially an onboarding application–that would have these issues.

The first was browser compatibility; the vendor required onboarding to occur in Internet Explorer 6 or later.  This is fine if onboarding is going to occur in kiosks in the HR department, but not so keen if you want to encourage onboarding to begin anywhere and anytime before the employee actually starts.  IE6 is actually in decline, with encroachment coming from FireFox, Google Chrome, and Safari on the Mac.  I’m proud to say we can handle any of them; in fact if you can show me a browser–even a mobile browser–that doesn’t run our onboarding, I will assure you that it soon will.

The other issue was contending with pop-up blockers and security certificates (those annoying security warnings about installing ActiveX plug-ins and such).  If you don’t have control over the candidate’s browser, you can pretty well expect to have a pretty significant number of them running pop-up blockers, perhaps several (IE, Google Toolbar, and the Yahoo Toolbar may all be running at the same time).  Why isn’t their application — like ours 🙂 — such that pop-up blockers aren’t an issue?  Do you want your HR department to become experts in helping candidate turn off pop-up blockers?

The more I learn about the market, the more I realize our product is the best!  Learn more about our onboarding at http://www.emeraldsoftwaregroup.com/onboarding


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