An Addendum to My Communications Blog on 6/8/9

A couple of things I’ve thought of since my communications blog from last week…

If I send an email to someone I don’t know, or even don’t know well, I believe it’s presumptuous and rude to send the email with return receipt request turned on, especially if it’s a sales call.  So if you’re a sales person that I don’t have an established relationship with, the quickest way to get on my blocked sender’s list is to send an email with a read or open receipt request.  If you and I are working together, or if there’s legitimate reason for requesting a return receipt, then I’ll send it to you.

Also, when I leave a voice mail for someone, I try to be very clear about who I am and why I’m calling.  I actually just returned a call from a voice mail that lead me to believe they were a customer service rep on the account for one of our existing vendors; in reality they were a sales rep for one of that vendor’s competitors.  Okay so you duped me into calling you back, but now you’re on my blacklist; good luck getting business with anyone I know.


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