Onboarding Best Practices, Part 6

For my grand finale blog on onboarding best practices, we’ll wrap up by discussing connection-style tasks of acculturation onboarding.  These tasks serve to help the new employee develop interpersonal communications and relationships within the company.  Much is being written today about the use and value of social networking for the enterprise, as this is an ideal way of accelerating the establishment of interpersonal relationships.  But there is a great deal more that can be done:

o   New Employee Creates Personal Profile

o   Personal Contact Information

o   Education History

o   Work History

o   Personal Interests & Hobbies

o   New Employee Is Encouraged to Peruse Company Personal Profiles, Traversing both the Official and Unofficial Company Structure, and Find Employees of Similar Background and Interests

o   Existing Employees Are Encouraged to Seek Out New Employees with Matching Education and Work History and Interests

o   Encourage Employee to Participate in Company Events

o   Company Calendars

o   Company Clubs & SIGs

o   Provide Message Forums and Electronic Bulletin Boards

o   Special Interest for New Employees

o   Special Interest per Activity

o   Car Pooling

o   Career Development

o   Employment Resources

§  Childcare Recommendations

§  Benefits Recommendations

§  Local Office Facility Recommendations

I hope you’ve found this series of blogs helpful.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can make our list of onboarding best practices more complete, please let me know!

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