Onboarding Best Practices, Part 4

The main idea of Acculturation Onboarding is to accelerate an employee’s integration into the organization, also referred to as assimilation, socialization, and even indoctrination.  Acculturating an employee is by nature a far less objective and more loosely defined process than Transactional Onboarding, practically impossible to build completely “off-the-shelf”, even though Emerald Software has established a framework for building an acculturation system (usually implemented as a portal, or as a section of the organization’s intranet) that achieves the organization’s unique goals without ignoring the hugely important value benefits of the Transactional Onboarding best practices tasks (see the previous 3 blogs in this series).

Best practices in Acculturation Onboarding can be categorized as: orientation, adaptation, and connection.  In today’s blog we’ll discuss Orientation, wherein the acculturation platform offers information to the new employee that provides a basis of orienting them to their new job and working environment.  Orientation is ideally achieved dynamically, with the system adapting to the new employee as they work through the acculturation process.

Tasks that are commonly part of the orientation aspect of acculturation are:

o   Welcome Messaging (ideally multimedia, such as a video)

o   Information on the Organization

o   Company History

o   Company Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

o   Company Culture Overview

o   Copies of Handbooks and Policy Manuals

o   Copies of Benefits Guides and Manuals

o   Information on the New Employee’s Team and Coworkers

o   Names and Titles of Coworkers

o   Name and Title of Supervisor(s)

o   Contact Information—Email, Phone—for Coworkers

o   Special Welcome Messaging from Coworkers is Ideal

o   Information on the New Employee’s Job

o   Position Description & Expectations

o   List of Work Items Assigned to Employee

§  Delivery Status

§  Usage Guidelines

o   Access to Documents Related to Job Performance

§  Project Documents

§  Unique Departmental, Location, and Business Unit Policies

§  Job Performance Standards & Best Practices

Next up we will discuss Adaption tasks in Acculturation Onboarding.

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