So far we’ve covered topics in Transactional Onboarding best practices for the automation of data and forms, and the automation of the flow of data into various systems.  In this blog-our last on the topic of Transactional Onboarding-we’ll cover what I think is potentially the most costly of tasks in onboarding new employees: compliance.

A good onboarding system will implement tasks with process improvement features, particularly around paperwork and forms, as most compliance issues concern completeness and accuracy of employee records, though certain industries may have specific and additional compliance opportunities for automation in the onboarding system.

The following are typical taks concerning compliance in an onboarding system:

o   Ensure Completeness of Forms Package

o   No Missing Tax Forms

o   I-9

o   All Policy Acknowledgements Reviewed & Acknowledged

o   Only Relevant Forms Completed (Eliminate Risk of Unneeded Forms)

o   Ensure Accuracy of Forms Package

o   No Missing Fields

o   No Improperly Formatted Fields

o   No Inconsistency Between Fields

o   Special Industry Licensure: Verification

o   Transportation

o   Healthcare

o   Education

o   Gaming

o   Food Services

o   Government & Defense

I’m not always known for brevity, but this quick blog ends our series on the transactional onboarding tasks in onboarding best practices, which leaves for another day (coming soon) those best practices tasks of an acculturation onboarding system.