Let’s All Go Back to Dialup, and While We’re At It…

Hayes ModemNetZero has a television spot running featuring their chairman, Mark Goldman, advocating that American families could save money by ditching broadband Internet and returning to dialup (naturally, NetZero dialup).  American families could save billions! 

Okay, okay at first this seems somewhat opportunistic on NetZero’s behalf given the current economic climate, and I can picture a conference room full of marketing people trying to come up with ideas on how to pitch NetZero dialup service to a consumer public that is interested in pinching pennies, but we have to give them credit for trying to figure out how to save us some money.  So along those lines, I’ve come up with a few more suggestions for saving Americans money in these lean times:

  • We could ditch cable and satellite TV and go back to antennas – it’s free! – and if we could talk the FCC into dropping the digital broadcast mandate we could also save the TV stations megabucks and we wouldn’t have to buy digital receivers
  • We could have our counties and states go back to dirt roads and save significantly on our taxes
  • We could save money on electricity and gas by burning wood in our fireplaces for heating and cooking, though there is the pesky issue of carbon emissions
  • We could throw away our cell phones and go back to land lines.  For that matter we could also get rid of land lines and go back to pigeons and smoke signals.

If you can think of some more ways for us to wind the clock back on technology and infrastructure so we can save some money, I’d like to here your suggestions!

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