Doing Things Right, and Doing the Right Things

I work with such a great group of people at Emerald Software Group.  It’s humbling.  I took my managers on a retreat earlier in the summer and among the strategy discussions, I needed about an hour of content, so I shoehorned in a discussion entitled, “What kind of company are we?”  I had no outline, only the vague recollection of some case studies from my business school days on companies with community outreach programs.  I got way more than I bargained for with that discussion.

I’m proud to announce that we’ve put together our own outreach program.  The Emerald Outreach program, we decided, should concentrate our attention on a single topic of interest.  The topic of choice was pretty easy: children’s healthcare and wellness.  By focusing our efforts, we should be able to accomplish more.  How we could help also seemed pretty clear: we’re a small company, and even if we encouraged everyone in our company to dig deep into their pockets, our impact would be limited.  On the other hand, our software helps mid-sized businesses save millions of dollars in risk-fraught workforce management processes; it was clear that our greatest impact would come from giving our technology away.

So the Emerald Outreach program offers nonprofit organizations with the principle mission of children’s healthcare and wellness free access to our technology to automate their workforce management processes, like onboarding, employee materials requisitioning, and personnel actions.  If your organization has need of our technology, I encourage you to call or email me personally.

If you are a software company or services provider whose products compliment ours, I invite you to join us in our support of children’s healthcare.  And if you’re an individual who’s happened upon my blog, I encourage you to support children’s healthcare; there are hundreds of organizations and many thousands of people who dedicate their lives to causes in children’s wellness.  No child deserves a dibilitating condition, and you can help.

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