Welcoming a New Partner: iCIMS

We take partnering seriously. I’ve spent the majority of my career as a reseller. In other words, I was a “downstream” partner for other software companies. From that experience I learned a lot about how to work with (and unfortunately, how not to work with) partners. So as we reinvented the company as a publisher a few years ago and we looked to partners to help us take our product to market, I vowed that we would do a better job. It’s turned out that vow has been pretty easy to keep.

Basically, it’s the Golden Rule all over again. I personally approach each partner as a unique opportunity, with unique goals and unique needs, just like us. I spend as much time as necessary learning about a partner’s needs, and we work out a partnering agreement that meets their objectives and ours. I can’t imagine creating a handful of partner programs or partner types and trying to pigeon hole our partners into one or the other.

All that said, I’d like to welcome aboard our newest partner, iCims. iCims is a well known, well established global enterprise talent acquisition software vendor and quite the worthy partner for our onboarding automation. The principle objective they had in approaching us for a partnership was ensuring the respect in our partnership and complimenting their talent and recruiting technologies with our onboarding technologies. We already have customers in common and have developed integration, so all the technical stuff is behind us. All that lies ahead are years of a successful partnership that benefits not only iCims and Emerald Software, but also all of our future customers in common.

To all of my new partners at iCims, welcome to the Emerald Software family, and let me know how I can help you…

Update: Chuck sold Emerald Software Group in 2011. You can learn about his new company by clicking here.

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