Chuck Ros has entered the Blogosphere.

After a couple of years of curiosity I’ve decided it’s time to start blogging.  All the standard questions abound…will anyone read my blogs?  Will anyone care what I have to say?  Will anyone respond to my blogs?  Will I start talking to myself after I develop the habit of reading my own blogs?  Will Mr. Ahmet Baruk, Barrister for some unfortunate multi-millionaire in Africa who recently met a tragic and untimely death, finally be able to get in touch with me so as to give me a 50% commission simply for transfering the deceased’s earthly fortune to a U.S. bank account?

But perhaps most importantly, what will I blog about?  Good question.  I can only answer that by saying: I refuse to pontificate.  I refuse to sugar coat stuff.  I refuse to bicker, whine, and moan.  Other than that, I guess I plan to talk about the things that I know best, spend the most time on, and interest me most.  That means, a bunch o’ blogging about work (as a CEO growing a software company), travel (mostly Europe and New England skiing), and a smattering of fun stuff (movies, books, family, dogs, cats, whatever).

Update: Chuck sold Emerald Software Group in 2011. You can learn about his new company by clicking here.

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